Bluetooth Autoplay Music

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Automate actions when connecting a Bluetooth device


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Bluetooth Autoplay Music is an app that lets you automate a series of actions to carry out whenever you connect a Bluetooth device to your Android smartphone. For example, you can automatically open your music player whenever you connect Bluetooth headphones.

Besides opening your favorite music player, you can also use Bluetooth Autoplay Music to leave the screen on until the Bluetooth device is disconnected, max out the volume, or put your smartphone in priority mode.

Another interesting feature lets you automatically open Google Maps or Waze with certain addresses depending on the time of day when you're connecting the Bluetooth device. This way, you can program your smartphone to give you directions in Google Maps as soon as you get into your car.

Bluetooth Autoplay Music is a very useful app that you'll love if you enjoy automating processes and saving time.
Automatically play Spotify music when you connect to a Bluetooth device

It's becoming more and more common to use specialized apps to automate all sorts of tasks on your smartphone. IFTTT and MacroDroid are two of the most important and complete options for the job, but there are more niche tools appearing all the time that focus on more specific functions. Bluetooth Autoplay Music offers a service that's both simple and useful: it lets you listen to your Spotify music automatically, as soon as you connect to a Bluetooth device. 
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Requires Android 4.1 or higher